bellowhead, cambridge junction 1, april 21

BigBlueSturge and I took ourselves off to watch a band last night. Bellowhead are their name, and very super they are too.

Having arrived at the conclusion over the weekend that the car had rather run out of MOT, BigBlue had to drive to Cambridge in his eccentric and archaeological Passat (£350-to-you-squire). We managed to get parked up just before the thing overheated, despite the best attempts of (a) my TomTom and (b) the idiot driver in the Japanese car in front of us (for sale, £6000 ono).

If you’ve never been to a Bellowhead gig, then you’re missing out. Usually fronted by stage legends John Spiers and Jon Boden, Spiers was absent on paternity leave. His place was taken by melodeon-legend Saul Rose, who, by the end of the encore, had not only demonstrated that Spiers had best not stay away for too long, but also that it was like an oven on stage.

They truly deserve their gongs for Best Live Act from the Radio 2 Folk Awards. Ably supported by Benji Kirkpatrick (who, er, plays the guitar-esque instruments in Bellowhead anyhoo (cheapskates)), the evening flew by with many old favourites enjoyed and some new material considered.

Below are some pictures from the evening. Bearing in mind they were taken with the camera on my phone and it’s got Sony’s patented “Shit Zoom” facility, I figured I’d go all arty and try and capture the colour and energy of the performance and performers, rather than anything that resembles a “good photograph” (they look ok as thumbnails, just beware the big-up pics when you click).

Bellowhead logo

Saul Rose

Benji Kirkpatrick

Benji Kirkpatrick

Jon Boden

Jon Boden

Paul Sartin

Pete Flood

Rachael McShane

Rose, Kirkpatrick, Boden - frontline

Saul Rose

Saul Rose

Bellowhead, left side of stage

Bellowhead, right side of stage


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