my hot new fedora desktop

Released yesterday, Fedora 9, codename Sulphur was immediately downloaded and tested on my pretty boggo standard desktop. Prepare for astounding proof that the Penguin is finally ready for everyone’s computing needs. Bill Gates will be shitting himself tonight when he realises what a piece of programming excellence and quality F9 actually is.


You will notice:

  • the stunning KDE4 desktop.
  • the widgets.
  • the instant recognition of all my hardware.
  • the inability to run as a “live” environment from a CD (you don’t seriously think I’ve given up hard-drive space for this, do you?)

One Response to my hot new fedora desktop

  1. BigBlueSturge says:

    MMmmmmm. Now I’m no M$ fanboi, buuuuut…..
    AKA Brimstone.
    That’s all I’m saying.

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