Cambridge Folk Festival: Line up changes

The Cambridge Folk Festival and its sponsors are proud to announce the following update to the line up for this weekend’s festival!

Dressed in black and sporting lank beards with hair to match, Those Are Just The Roadies have taken many crowds by storm with their seminal hits “1-2, 1-2”, “Sibiliance”, “Foldback in three” and “Keith? Keith? Number 2 right?”. Look out for them as they raise the roof on Tuesday morning on the Empty Stage near the duck pond.

Winners of the Breakthrough Award Winners Award, The Tour Dates are appearing at Cambridge on 10th, 11th, 12th September, Lincoln Arts Centre in October, Brighton Komedia on 1st November – 28th October and the Charlton Heston Folk Club throughout 2009.

The Elready phenomenons have already been a big hit at NOMAD, Gooseberry and the VD festivals this year and their sleeper hit, “…” reached almost the charts in 1996. Featuring Boz from Nana’s Nanas and Steve Skunk late of The Not The Band, their trip-folk-psych-hop-rockabilly-punk fusion is bound to catch up to you and stab you in the eyes before stealing your wallet in a dark alleyway.

Hailing from near where you live, Judge John Lunch has been featured on the radio in his home town, having phoned up to talk about why oh why do they still let the foreigners in. His current studio album is being produced by Marty Nedlemun, who has recently been inside for inciting hatred amongst the Polack for fun. Taking his inspiration from a bottle of gin, expect Judge John Lunch to entertain and resist arrest at 4pm in the beer tent.

NOGOA are Folk’s first supergroup. Hand-picked by Mike Harding from a selection of 7 people (6 girls, one man) who applied to be on Folk Idol, the winning 6 young ladies are bound to be the hots, we mean “hits” of the festival this year. Taking their look from the Burlesque and their sound from some ancient 1960s/70s beardy bloke from Manchester, what’s not to love? Next year, when they’re all finally 18, Uncle Mike will be discarding them for a new, younger, set of pretties. The world of folk is, after all, tough. Perhaps he could be calling on you? Look out for their cover of “The Rochdale Cowboy” now re-released as “The Rochdale Cowgirrrrrls”.


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