from the desk of andrew motion (the poet laureate)

Lines on the passing of Grange Hill

1. So the final bell
To signal the end of the lesson
The bell is for my benefit
Not yours

2. Mrs McClusky
Headmistress, voice husky
The P.E. fella with the beard
Old Bronson, played by Sheard
Schoolgirl pregnant
Zammo died
Roland’s diet
Deep-fat fried

3. Set in London
Then Liverpool
Then nowhere particular
Just a generic TV school
Phil Redmond, no longer TV cool
Get back to Brookie
Play some hookie
Give us the bliss of your famous
Lesbo kiss

4. Yet in the end, no-one
Gave a fuck
To be honest
That’s just Tucker’s Luck.

© Andrew Motion 2008 (still missing the Queen Mother)


2 Responses to from the desk of andrew motion (the poet laureate)

  1. ukebloke says:

    A sad passing indeed, marked with suitable solemnity.

    On a lighter note, I enjoyed your tale of mouse trap woes and dexterous cats. We have one that climbs into the kitchen bin and helps itself to whatever takes its fancy, in addition to bringing us ‘presents’, usually of a dead rodent or bird nature. Still, he’s charming and fluffy and wouldn’t hurt a… oh well, two out of three ain’t bad, as they say.

  2. Hammertime says:

    We have a cat next door and I tried to jam it into their front windo the other day to stop it deficating on my gravel garden. However the owner (who is suspiciously always in at the oddest hours), was on the phone, (probably to his drug lord or something) and so I pretended I was just falling off my ladder.

    Lesson learned. Forget squashing cats, just fall on them.

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