new dr who rumour

Hot internets rumour of the day has it that all 10 Doctors will be back in Series 6 to play The Doctor. Each Doc will deliver one line in ten.

In this exclusive extract from Dave Moffat’s (Are you sure? – Ed) first script, we can see how all the classic characters work together:

#1: Susan! Come here girl!
#2: Look out! A Yeti!
#3: Hmm… perhaps I should go and see the Brigadier! To Bessie!
#4: Jelly baby?
#5: Ah, Tegan. Seen Adric?
#6: Who else were you expecting?
#7: Ken Dod?
#8: Just passing!
#9: Run!
#10: what? What? WHAT?

Omnes: DAVROS!

Exeunt, pursued by a Dalek.


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