invention corner (with Prof. Heinz Wolf)

My lightening-fast brain has come up with a cunning-oh-so-cunning invention.

People are always saying that they will send me food parcels in the post. Which is lovely and generous of them and everything, but what if they wanted to send me some stew? Or soup? Or a goodly portion of crumble and custard?

The invention, then, is this: A Jiffy bag which allows the transport of liquid and semi-liquid foodstuffs. A handy feature list also tells you that it can be hermetically sealed to ensure leak-free transit (even when suffering the throwings, stompings and attempted openings that the Royal Mail will no doubt attempt).  Upon receipt, the package can immediately be put into the microwave and the recipient can open the envelope and dive straight in (no need for a bowl or plate) with a spoon to enjoy the supplied treats.

It’s a real seller, I’d say, and I’m looking for an investment of about three million quid. Cash only. And I’ll pick it up from one of the lockers at Liverpool Street Station.


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