the gordon the ramsay’s(tm) the f the word(tm)(c)


some really cheap “cooking bacon bits” from Tescos
sage, torn
white pepper
chilli powder
mustard powder
onion powder
garlic powder
ground coriander
an egg
some oil
some butter
salt, black pepper
a tomato
a gherkin or 7
mashed potato


Cook the hell out of the bacon bits in the oil, they’re cheap and need telling.
Add all the herbs and spices whilst the bacon is frying and mix it up good, biatch.
Drop in a knob of butter, just to keep the calories up.
Slice the tomato and when the bacon is getting good and crispy, drop that in to cook.
When that’s nearly done, drop in the egg to cook. You can leave it fry or mix it so it scrambles.
Once done, season with the black pepper and salt if it’s needed, to be honest it might not.

Dump the whole lot onto a big pile of mash, with gherkins on the side, and eat the bastard.


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