airlines willing to risk your life in exchange for your cash

It comes as no surprise to a cynical old fert like me that after only five days of there not being an aeroplane in the skies, the main operators have got itchy shareholders.

Despite all of the initial blah from them about how they weren’t going to put planes up in the air whilst there was the chance a piece of microscopic silica could get into the engine of a plane, it seems that despite there being no let up in Eyjafjallajoekull’s* output, and the now legendary ‘ash cloud’ still being very much lodged over the UK, it is perfectly safe to send planes up in the air.

These are planes carrying you, your relatives, your pets, your stuff.

These are planes being sent up in the sky by people on the ground in safe little offices, who just need to keep the board happy and the shareholders paid well. After all, that champagne reception later this year when the financial results are announced isn’t going to pay for itself, is it?

It’s amazing how all the fluffy PR goes out of the window when big companies start to lose money due to an “act of god”.

I wonder whether they have sympathy for the people whose travel insurance isn’t going to compensate them? I wonder how soon the “desperate” and “cash strapped” air travel industry goes to the government and asks for money to help them out?

You know what I say? I say fuck ’em. Them, and the insurance companies who would rather see people stranded or not be able to to take their vacations because of this problem.

Hopefully they’ll get theirs soon enough. You know, just like how we showed those dreadful bankers who took all that risk with money and bankrupted the country… oh, wait a minute.

*Now known as Volcano Anagram

7 Responses to airlines willing to risk your life in exchange for your cash

  1. Manuel says:

    aye….where was my handout when things went a wee bit quiet last summer? eh? I didn’t have enough for beans let alone my usual champagne and caviar Tuesday’s…

  2. ALF says:

    I’m sure I’m
    not the one
    but I’ve heard prop planes don’t suffer the same detriments
    as turbine/jets
    I’m glad there is some 1 up above
    checking on the safety of the air
    surely flights will resume
    but to all it was an
    ominous plumb
    as it drifted from the Ice Land
    during an age of Global Warming
    and World Wars of Global Magnitudes
    where events of this magnitude could be perceived as a heavenly sent events.
    Like why is One Sky disheveled
    a private Jet Service
    and a non profit Clear Air coalition
    and what does the climate impacts of Air travel look like.
    Maybe its time to become a shoe repairman,
    oops I can bye a new shipped in one cheaper
    just need a job.

    • Alf says:

      I don’t know whether to unapprove the above comment as spam, but it’s ace.

      Ladies an gennlemen, I vote that the above commenter be made poet laureate immediately. It’s much better than the shite the current one came up with.

  3. Manuel says:

    quality Alf…even though I am very much against poetry and most forms of rhyming in general…

    • Alf says:

      Welcome, ALF. It’s nice to have a namesake on the blog (although everyone now will think I’m talking to myself).

      Perhaps we can gang up against the other commenters?

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I guess they have weighed up their daily losses against the compensation they’ll have to pay out if one of their planes goes down.

  5. […] April 22, 2010 by 3blogshighandrising I don’t know if you’ve taken a look at the blogs on my Blog Roll?  Bored Of Jam has an excellent piece about the airlines recent attitude to the ash cloud and how their change of heart is most likely motivated by all the money they were losing.  You can go straight to the post here. […]

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