cat-pricorn one

August 17, 2014

It's a cat-astrophe. Oh yes, I went there.

Here’s Sparecat enjoying one of his favourite 1970s conspiracy theory films, Capricorn One. Next stop, The China Syndrome.

watching movies

March 9, 2011

Can someone please advise why, partway through the A Team movie, after they’ve set up that the team are in Frankfurt, there is a random 2-second shot of Cologne Cathedral and the Hauptbahnhof from the air?

films are circular

February 28, 2011

Well, DVDs are, aren’t they? See what happened to me, totally by chance, this last weekend:

1. Watch Hollywoodland (Adrien Brody, Ben Affleck)
2. Watch Lonesome Jim (Casey Affleck, Mary Kay Place)
3. Watch City of Ember (Mary Kay Place, Bill Murray)
4. Watch The Darjeeling Limited (Bill Murray, Adrien Brody)
5. Sudden realisation that I shouldn’t watch The Brothers Bloom (Adrien Brody).

Afterwards I got very drunk.

why 3d tv will fail, annotated guide below:

January 11, 2010

1. You look like a twat wearing those stupid fucking 3D glasses.


January 7, 2010

You like looking at pictures, don’t you?

Picture one, full frontal.
Picture two, rear entry points.

Now, how about you team that honey up with this beauty:

Picture one, titties.
Picture two, arse.

Sexy details here in this obviously-only-geeks-read-this-stuff PDF (warning: PDF). I mean!  As if we’ll fall for the old two-girls-hugging-on-a-sofa ruse? Maybe they’ll snog and undress and love each other in a way that only two women together can…

So, my order’s in.

i need to call my guru –

December 31, 2009

I forgot my new mantra.


December 23, 2009

Right, Mr Director man, David Cameron, whatever your name is, explain this:

On a world which appears to be mainly GREEN, why are the main inhabitants MASSIVELY TALL AND OBVIOUSLY BRIGHT BLUE?

Survival of the fittest ring any bells, shit-for-brains?