awards season is here

March 27, 2010

Reader, you will not have failed to notice that there is the smell of gold in the air. People all over the world are out there winning awards for being the best at what they do (or, in the case of some, not being the worst at what they do).

This has led me along the path of jealousy. For frickin’ years I’ve been doing this blog, and not a single glimmer of recognition has it ever received. So bad has this become I now cheer when I get crawled by the Googlebots on the web.

This terrible oversight has to end. And so I’ve decided to invent awards for the blog. Yes – make them up, lie, deceive. That sort of thing. You can see one over there, in the column to the right. However, I’m sure you, my fair, beautiful, sexy reader, can come up with more for me. All you have to do is to come up with an icon and a description for the award and I’ll add it to the medals wall.

Add them to the comments, or put them in the post. Or fax me. Whatever, hop to it.