local politics for local people

April 29, 2010

The Guardian (dear god, them again) have a really good 11 minutes on the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition in Ipswich.

It’s worth a watch, here.

And don’t forget, if you really can’t stand it any more, Vote Badger!

animal politics

April 20, 2010

The local and general elections are accelerating toward us as we sit here and study our belly-buttons, dunk shortbread fingers into cups of tea, and watch Corrie on ITV.

Here in Ipswich we also have some election stuff going on, but as usual we’re too concerned at allowing fucking monolith supermarket stores to build yet another one of their poisonous outlets in our small town. Here’s some information on why we shouldn’t have The World’s Most Massive Tesco Store Ever built on a one-way system just outside the town centre. Apart, obviously, from the amount of traffic that this would bring to an area which already struggles to cope, the environmental impact and the fact it’s fucking Tescos. Oh, and the Green Party have an interesting and less ranty article on it, too.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the crazy Liberal/Tory councillors in the Borough Council have enjoyed the hospitality of the Cohens too much, allowing the redevelopment to go ahead, and what lovely new cars most of them have outside their houses. Allegedly.

What a sad day for this sad little town. Not only do we get another Tesco store shitting all over the small business economy of fair Ipswich, we are also going to be treated to yet more apartments. Obviously no-one has considered that little more than half a mile down the road is the Docklands redevelopment which is stacked full of flats, most of them empty.

But all this is by-the-by.

The fellow who has represented Ipswich in Parliament for the last few years, Chris Mole, is looking to get re-elected. He is very on-message with his party. You decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

However, there is a glut of signs with VOTE MOLE written on them in large, Labour letters around the town. These hurt my poor eyes. My antidote to this particular curse is here.

I wouldn’t suggest printing it out and gluing it over the existing Chris Mole signs.

(The badger picture used in the PDF, for those who don’t know, is stolen from off of Weebl. Go here for the original truly annoying thing).

is that an erec^H^H^Hlection in your pocket?

March 30, 2010

It’s due to get horribly political in the UK for the next few weeks, what with a General Election on its way (supposedly, although as yet, Gordo hasn’t had the Ed Balls to announce when it’ll be) (d’ya see what I did there?).

In order that you, dear EnglishBritish Reader, are prepared for the onslaught of weasel words and too-good-to-be-true promises which will fall upon your ears in the next six weeks or so, hop over here for a heads-up in knowing where you are on the political scale.

If you want to know more about a particular party, go to their website, or email for a manifesto. Phone up the candidates and get them over for a cuppa so you can ask important questions. They might even like to take you out for a pint at your local, you never know. Remember though, don’t believe the hype, and don’t feed them after midnight (or something like that).

So, come the revolution [Insert date here please – Ed], get out there and vote. Don’t let someone take your democracy from you. Make your mark with confidence on the day. And if you really can’t, just turn up to your local poling station and take a shit in the voting booth*.

It’s probably going to be a very close run thing, and it’s vital that everyone does their part to remind those in Parliament that they are put there to represent us, the British public, and not to fill their bank accounts with “expenses”, or to get a free kitchen for their niece’s new house official second residence.

Best of luck to all candidates, but better luck to all us voters.

*Actually, don’t.