the 3d revolution

March 29, 2010

Our blog chum, Neil (from out of HP) will be feeling vindicated with the recent announcement of the next generation of portable gaming equipment.

No no, it’s not another new Sony PSP Go (this time with no screen, no buttons, no sound and even fewer games)*. It’s Nintendo’s intended update of the why-is-this-so-popular? gaming machine the DSi.

Currently being touted as the 3DSi (see what they did there) it will bring three dimensional gaming to the pockets of the masses. Somehow.

Of course, if you wanted to play an actual 3D game you could just get off your tubby Nintendo arse and play some fucking sport. Or a game where you get some friends over and have to talk to them. But don’t take that personally.

*Gaming irony.

(of course, the astute among you will have noticed that there is a clever Nintendo prototype machine pun in the title of this post).


ideal christmas gift idea

December 10, 2009

Buz mentioned to me that he wants a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Buz is a gamer, so this rather confused me.

“Buz,” I said. “You are a gamer. You should want a Playbox or a Station 360. Why oh why do you want a Wii?”

Buz said, “I have a gaming platform. It is my PC.”

“Mmm.” I agreed. Buz plays games on Windows. Like sol.exe and MineSweeper.

“So I just want a thing to play Wii Tennis on.”

“Ah yes,” I said. “Help Mario as he struggles through Half a league/half a league/Half a league onward/All in the valley of Death/Rode the six hundred.”

We laughed. We are scholars.

new Wii games on their way

April 16, 2008

Genghis says:
you wanna be grumpy at the pub, or grumpy in front of the Wii?
Genghis says:
what multiplayer games you got Alf?
Alf says:
Super Mario Chopstick Challenge
Genghis says:
Alf says:
Legend of Zelda: Wave A Flag A Lot Game
Sonic Pokey Pokey
Genghis says:
Alf says:
Tomb Raider: Fall Off Stuff 7
Resident Elvis
Quantity Surveying: ATTAX
Rock Polishing 2
Night Tremors: The Phlegm Rises
Hoppin’ Mad George
Bad Day In Mental Ward 4
Chop Chop Brothers
Beat Me You Deserve It Bitch
Pro Cat/String Simulator
Drum Like A Deaf Man
Hyper Bole
Super Hyper Bole
Super Super Hyper Bole
Very Super Super Express Brilliant Hyper Bole
Match Lighting Competition 3
Ultra Point At Stuff
Buz says:
(he’ll stop soon)
Buz says:
(just be patient)
Genghis says:
don’t bet on it
Alf says:
Super F-Pencil Sharpener
Hop Hop Nigel And Bouncy Susan
Ice Cream Machine (UK Edition)
Monster Chi-Chi Doll Maker
The Insaniac
Teeth Brushing: The 3 Minute Redux
QwikFLUSH! Extra Time 2
Hammer and Nailz (DIY Express Edition)
Laser Guided Guides
Enteric Explorer
Mined Out: 2010
Neil Gaiman’s Time For Tea
Paint Drying Day: Mama’s Here
Animal Squashing
Horace Goes Cottaging
NikNok: Gotta Annoy Them All
Star Wars: Hit It Chewie!
Super All Your Eggs in One Basket
Shoot The Birds Shoot Them All
Rat Poisoner: Nighttime Edition
What’s My Time Zone?
Where On Earth Is America? 3
Captain Sensible Gets A Deskjob
Mr Bland Eats Some Porridge
Economy Mismanagement: Gordon Brown Edition
Ultra Compound Interest Bros
Steal My Money My Pin Number Is…
Zombie Cat Cat Attack
Super Cruxifiction Simulator
My Name’s Not $Username$ : 4
Alf says:
er, that’s it. Off the top of my head. Any there take your fancy?
Genghis says:
nah, not really